Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Metropolitan State Hospital

treatment we’d rather not think about.  To hear the word conjures up images we try and block out.  The 
buildings, designed to be inviting and practical, fit into our worst visions of these asylums, and as they fell into 
ruin they became more and more intimidating.  The torment that went on in them and the patients who died 
without names and without peace create a settling ripe for ghosts and ghost stories.

Although not as famous as its nearby cousin Danvers State Hospital, Metropolitan State Hospital in Middlesex 
County, Massachusetts has become known itself for the type of ghosts and ghostly legends that give people 
nightmares.  No one knows what went on behind the cement walls of that building, but our imagination has 
created its resident’s lives.  When reports started to come out about the strange happenings on its grounds, 
Metro State was labeled as haunted, and since its closure in 1992 those rumors have been confirmed time and 
time again.  Trespassers inside the building and people just interested in the beauty of the land say the same 
things doctors and mental health workers had said for decades.  Metro State is haunted.