Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As a teenager i visited Danvers State Hospital ,So you all know my uncle Thomas Berry was the barber for the Asylum .As a teenager after visiting this place i fell in love with Asylums .Do you think that all old Asylums are haunted?I have to visit a few,Watch a ball move around a room by it self . A lot of people and paranormal teams check out these old Asylums and get all kinds of evidence from these reported haunted location .Is it our imagination that makes us think that these places are really haunted or are they really haunted .You go to these places with led paint .and these building are also in poor conditions .I love these old buildings and i will always jump to investigate a old Asylum.
Eric Perry 
Founder and lead investigator 
Central NH Paranormal Society .
june ,27.2012   

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